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>> eric: the time-out called by bruce pearl. they still have two remaining. terrico white fouled by j.p. prince. the unusual four-point play. >> mark: j.p. prince does a good job to contest and then he allows his body to float in the shooter. impressive defense play. makes a mistake that could potentially be costly but you like he's contesting the shot. >> eric: mostly hard fought battle in thompson-boling arena, knoxville, tennessee. a day after the tennessee volunteer football team announces the new head coach in derek dooley. the tennessee basketball team trying to steal the headlines in the paper.
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they have a chance to knock off the rank ranked tennessee . with mark gottfried, i'm eric collins. up next, kentucky taking on auburn. the shot clock is 15. chism gets inside. it's fouled. >> mark: out of the time-out, steven peapear bruce wanted it in the heart of the zone. and chism slashes in. the rerreversal to the midto fel floor. tennessee in the last two trips did a nice job of getting the ball in the heart of the zone to create a two-pointer. this time creating an opportunity for wayne chism. >> eric: that foul on cranston, the senior from orlando, florida, fouls out. >> mark: i mentioned this one
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or two times. free-throw block-outs. if the foul shot is missed, ole miss has to do a good job of making sure everybody is blocked out and somebody has the shooter. a long rebound off the rim. so many timous see in the game on the missed foul shots, the defense team is not in possession of the ball. >> eric: [ whistle ] the man that steven peapear brus on the line. chism is five for five. >> mark: just what you want your senior to do. make big shots and make big shots at the right time. >> eric: ole miss does not have a time-out. >> mark: tennessee is going with the man-to-man defense at the zone. they'll match up out of it.
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try to eliminate the penetration. >> eric: warren! has his shot blocked by prince. ole miss keeps it. the shot clock does not reset. bone with the missile. josh bone has been a revelation for the volunteers! >> msons for some players is stay ready. unbelievable contest
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that's two
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an-amaning. he was at the highlight reel dunk in the game against stanford. nice back flow defensive help for the blocked shot. jerome randle.
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>> steve: all over the basketball. smothering patrick christopher. this is the way lorenzo romar expected this husky team to play. bryan-amaning travels. cal ball. 13:42 left. please join us, fans, to help the people of haiti recover from the devastating earthquake that hit their country. make a $10 donation to the red cross relief efforts. please text the word "haiti" to 90999. a $10 donation will be added to your phone bill. standard messaging and data rates may apply. washington with a 61-38 lead over california. >> marques: good activity on defense by the huskies. nice job, quincy pondexter
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raising the high ball screen. terrific rotation on the pass to the corner to jerome randle. >> steve: theo robertson. >> marques: got to stay down. first half, pondexter got a foul jumping in the air. >> steve: theo misses the easy layup. this has just been a miserable afternoon for the cal bears. outside of patrick christopher, the rest of the team has gone 3 for 16 from the floor. >> marques: they're showing scrap and hustle on the inside. if you're theo robertson, you've got to make that shot on the second attempt. bodies on the ground pursuing the basketball. possession went the callaway. >> steve: pondexter and overton lead. looked like suggs may have grabbed christopher as he went by a screen. isaiah thomas is the guy doing most of the complaining.
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i thought they called one against scott suggs. >> marques: obvious call. you can't grab a guy's jersey. suggs did defensively. an intentional foul called on suggs. >> steve: wow. >> marques: you can't reach out and grab the jersey from behind. >> steve: are you surprised the way california's played this afternoon? >> marques: i am shocked. shocked and amazed. i thought that they had found their stride. they finally put suggs in a position to gain a little separation. thought this would be a lot more competitive basketball game. mike montgomery will be the first to tell you, washington is
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tough to beat at home. they're a tough matchup for this team. they make you have to make plays off the dribble outside. >> steve: cal was the only team in the pac-10 to sweep through washington schools on the road last year, including cal coming in here and winning in three overtimes. beautifully played game, 88-85. >> marques: inability of jerome randle to find any kind of offense. the ball screens have made him a moot point for cal in this game. but he's usually a player who can find ways to manufacture scoring opportunities for himself. >> steve: abdul gaddy. bryan-amaning had it knocked away. a foul will be called against max zhang. cal came in number one at 3-1.
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all the teams all the way down to ucla, bruins will host usc later today. and then you've got washington, who is likely going to go and even the record at .500 with a win here. then they will go to ucla on a game you can watch on pac-10 hoops next thursday. ben howland is preparing only for the trojans. he's a one game at a time coach. i'm sure, when that game is over with usc, he'll talk to his fellows and show them this video and say, we're in for a buzz saw when washington comes to pauley. >> marques: 7:30 p.m. matchup against the bruins. another turnover. another example of washington getting down and dirty on the floor. another example of great ball movement. great decision by isaiah thomas. abdul gaddy hasn't done anything spectacular, but he's played a real solid game this afternoon.
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i think he's really starting to come into his own as a collegiate basketball player. >> steve: jerome randle with his first field goal of the day. >> marques: he's got the kind of scoring mentality where he can rattle off serious points in a hurry. jerome randle. if you're not careful, if you don't stay focused on him defensively and keep doing the same things you've done for the first 30-plus minutes of this game. >> steve: that young man sitting on 18 points with five rebounds, a couple of assists, and outstanding defense. i think that's where he's shined the most defending jerome randle. much has been said about this being an off year for the pac-10 conference. i'll tell you what, fans, it is extremely young and talented. i was looking today.
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5 of the top 10 scorers, rebounds, and assist men are underclassmen, freshmen or sophomores. that's one of the sophomores, isaiah thomas. >> marques: this lineup, quincy pondexter, he's the lone senior. he's just filled with freshmen, redshirt freshmen, sophomores, juniors. >> steve: randle has hit his second field goal. that's a three. >> marques: if he gets one more, you might need to call a time-out. >> steve: abdul gaddy missing. they need to have it one and done. instead, washington has another opportunity to work the clock and score again. thomas misses with the last three attempts. >> marques: nice job running down the offensive rebounds, but a little more patient at this intheme. teveies ppy ay. andys hzzy
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afternoon. coming up, arizona, their last trip ever to mack court. that is a great arena. led by new coach sean miller against michael dunagan and oregon. it's at mackco oaoa l o will be honored toods as h meomso mth is williams averaging 15.
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>> steve: knezevic abdul ga
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fall, this huge lead. nice job on the post-up by jamal boykin, using the body, using the seal. great feed from the target hand on the bounce pass inside.
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>> steve: patrick christopher misses the foul shot. he's 11 of 15 from the foul line, 22 points. the rest of the team doesn't have much. bryan-amaning now comes out. darnell gant back in. 71-48. washington putting the blitz kreeg on the bay area schools. gant wide open. >> marques: just kind of slowing down the huskies there. they get the open shots, they're taking it. why not when they're falling like that? darnell gant has improved his midrange jump shooting ability. >> steve: knezevic stepped on the end line. another turnover for california. they have suffered 20 now in the ball game.
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>> marques: that used to be in the old days, the old forceout play. now you get a look at more pressure. as a ref, you've got to call a foul or call a guy for stepping on the out of bounds line. we've seen four or five of those against cal this afternoon. >> steve: thomas will wind up at the free-throw line. >> marques: talk about, when you trail isaiah thomas, twirling into the paint with his left hand. such a creative finisher. create the ability to get to the free-throw line. >> steve: such an important recruiting day. sar kissian at the ball game today. isaiah thomas saying he wants to play football for sark. he was a really good running back, defensive back growing up. his favorite team, though, is the denver broncos, not pete carroll's seattle seahawks. >> marques: he takes one good hard lick from one of those college level linebackers, he'll
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go and grab the pom-poms from the cheerleaders and start cheering on the sidelines. >> steve: when nate robertson was a cornerback, i thought he was the best cornerback in the pac-10. then he left to just pursue basketball. patrick christopher, long. overton. holiday. finish. >> marques: no slow down in the husky game. looks like it was going as it was going this afternoon. very difficult for them to go on the break. >> steve: randle missing the three. jerome has had a tough afternoon. another husky easy basket. they push the lead to 77-48. bank of america arena is
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impressed. after struggling in the desert, all huskies thursday against stanford and saturday against cal.
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>> steve: we'll be right back. dy tink ng?
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♪ kfc grrwing nate grio se thef-a-aste who tring r aet o ♪
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in the associated press rankings. arizona state was a bit higher at 39, and then an impressive win on thursday at oregon state. thomas. inside seven to go. >> marques: now taking a little bit more time off. a little bit more deliberate offensively.
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good transition defense by the huskies. three white shirts back in the paint. opens up the bad shot. >> steve: quincy. he's fouled. that trio that came in so strong. randle averaging 20, christopher 16. and theo robertson, the only guy who really recorded today. christopher with 25. look at the day by jerome randle. five points and nine turnovers. fourth foul on jerome. >> marques: jamal boykin has four points today. he's another guy that averages double figures for this cal team. you look to depend on to give you double figures scoring night in and night out. >> steve: cal with 42 free throws. washington has 23. they've made 19.
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d.j. seeley banks it in. pondexter tied up. >> marques: good job not forcing up shots. taking some time off the clock. almost in trouble. pondexter bailed him out. >> steve: gant tried to finish. suggs pounds it. chance for a three. >> marques: that offensive rebounding that mike montgomery was so concerned about. pondexter with an impressive drive to the basket. forces the help by jamal boykin. nobody left the block off darnell gant, keeps it alive. scott suggs reaps the benefit. >> steve: scott suggs, a young man out of washington, missouri.
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but when lorenzo romar was a coach at st. louis, scott met him at the age of 11 at a family function and said, coach, i want to play for you. well, romar kept his eye on him, watched him grow up in missouri, and did recruit him. now he's contributing to the huskies. and pondexter comes out with a 2 25-point, five-rebound night. >> marques: back to back superb performances by quincy pondexter, who was a bit down in arizona in two losses. >> steve: patrick christopher, just one shy of his personal best, scored 29 against usc last year. thomas throws it away. seeley, nice play. >> marques: that's one thing he's got to guard against. you still have the 23-point lead at this stage of the game. you still want your team to play with the sharpness and crispness, the attitude they played with to gain that lead. little bit of a letdown with
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some of the plays by isaiah thomas out here. >> steve: it's the little details that carry on for the next couple of games because they go on the road to ucla and usc. >> marques: they did the smart thing taking them out. this is a great momentum builder going into the los angeles road trip for this basketball team. obviously, to score on stanford the way they did and come out here and totally surprise myself and a lot of people by the way they play against cal. >> steve: because it would appear to be a bit of a mismatch as far as athleticism, washington favoring over ucla. because ucla normally a great defensive team, and we're not seeing that individual defense this year like we have seen in the past. although he this is the youngest team that ben howland has ever had, even back to his northern arizona days. >> marques: because of that lack of athleticism, ucla playing a lot of zone.
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>> steve: but ucla coming to the pacific northwest to recruit. they've got a young fellow by the name of josh smith, big athletic center, coming in next year. >> marques: right in the huskies' own backyard. big body, quick off his feet, strong hands. player out of mater dei high school. been watching the last couple of years, very athletic wing player with the ability to shoot the basketball. >> steve: they got the point guard out of the junior college ranks, dick jones. there's a lot coming out of this seattle, washington area. i just wonder, because of the rain where kids have to play indoors, basketball court, work on your game. seems like the last 20 years, a lot of talent has come from this city. >> marques: it's always raining. but the coach of the sonics in the early to mid-'90s put a lot
4:38 pm
of money into the program and developed this killer traveling team. they were allowed to use the supersonic facilities when they were here in town, and other travel teams kind of followed suit. >> steve: misses. >> marques: they produced the michael dickersons, and the jason perrys and the like from this area. >> steve: they thought abdul gaddy would be going to arizona. chose, when they did not have a coach, to come here to washington. theo robertson missing. a criticiazy time here at bank america arena. i'm sure coach romar wants them to clean things up. 3:43 left in this ball game as washington tries to get their team back to .500.
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l be x we d thness it took the best beer in america award. nobody had tried an amereer thathat kiflavor. yea, jitill obsessed with lag sam adams lager continues dalsver rld. that's pretty cool. somears be ered ing chno to c pla intonent firs hsd. only lex
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>> steve: huskies by 22 over california. time now for the winning touch from touch of gray by just for men. >> marques: 25 points in this game. from the free-throw line. some carryover from how he dominated the stanford game with 27 points in that game. >> steve: pretty impressive last two games, averaging 88 points per game. but their pressure defense is back. i mean, the last two games, washington has forced 41
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turnovers and have scored 46 points off of those turnovers. >> marques: after their three-game losing streak to oregon, and the arizona schools. lorenzo romar talked about taking this team back to school, back to basketball class. basketball, husky basketball 101. >> steve: coach romar said they had their best, most intense practice of the year on tuesday. overton leading. gaddy back on. elston turner also in the game. clarence trent and matthew bryan-amaning. the duo of pondexter and thomas today have combined for 45 of the team's 82 points. knezevic missing. boykin has it ripped by turner. suggs to trent. no. suggs has it go out of bounds to
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california. marques, does it go back to who wins this year holding home court? >> marques: i'd love to say that but -- >> steve: it's a weird year. >> marques: weird year, unpredictable so far. it's still early. yeah, that's always a big part of it. for cal. as long as they can -- >> steve: cal really tough at home. and lorenzo romar is not used to beating mike montgomery's teams. last time, 2004 against number one stanford. well, he had some great teams at stanford, no question about it. led the cardinal to 12 ncaa tournament appearances, including that 1995 final four. >> marques: all the advantages of holding home court advantage, point guard leadership, the senior leadership, i don't know how much of it applies to this pac-10 race this season, based on what we've witnessed here just in the pac-10 play. ucla beating cal, cal getting
4:43 pm
blown by washington the way they're getting blown out in this game. >> steve: marques, do you think it's because it is more of a freshman-sophomore dominated league this year where you'll find that inconsistency with underclassmen. >> marques: and also, you look at a lot of them, and they're top heavy with two primary scorers. that's why you would think cal would fare a lot better. washington, ucla, oregon -- a lot of schools find it difficult to generate scoring from that third option. makes it easier to have a game plan defensively to shut down two guys and really focus your energy on shutting down two talented offensive players and making them put up points off the bench. >> steve: pondexter has certainly done a remarkable job in the last two games, but there's a line of stats that's never recorded, the defensive job that thomas did on two outstanding scorers this week, greene of stanford and randle of cal. randle scores 39 on thursday at washington state, and jerome
4:44 pm
with only 5 against washington. and isaiah thomas. bryan-amaning, got it. >> marques: when you've got isaiah thomas that you can stick on jeremy greene, you can stick him tonight on jerome randle, now your best defensive player, justin holiday, you can play him against landry fields and theo robertson and allow him to just shut down that real crucial kind of a guy who's off the basketball. >> steve: washington with an 84-63 lead. 1:30 remaining in this game. as cal will fall to 11-6 and 3-2. washington will up their record to 12-5. back to .500 at 3-3. here's our man. brendan sherrer. he came in about this mark in
4:45 pm
the stanford game. got a rebound but did not score. >> marques: got to be greedy. get a shot up. his teammates have to help him out and look for him. he's got to make himself available because he's going to bury himself under the basket against max zhang, and it's not going to happen for him. he's just trying to be the team guy. he's not thinking about shooting. >> steve: trying to get it to him. scott suggs doing the job. knezevic ahead. and fouls him. and nikola will try and answer with a three-point play. you've got a game like this, you have a chance to tell your grandkids that i scored on a guy 7'3" from china. >> marques: if that happens, you can tell that story. but he's got to take the shot. or you can tell him this 7'3" guy from china, max zhang, he blocked like three of my shots. i had a ball. i had a good time, though. >> steve: if you heard our thursday game, we told you about
4:46 pm
brendan. he made the team in open tryout ins october that lorenzo romar always has. they got it to sherrer. he took the shot, misses. oh, and it's off his hands. and it will be an over and back violation. arizona jumped up early on the oregon ducks. man, the ducks have had a hard time starting games of late. they had that game that we did against oregon state. first seven possessions, they made seven turnovers. >> marques: yeah. turning the basketball over. good point guard play. michael dunigan can't seem to keep himself out of foul trouble. teams are going right at him early. >> steve: almost got the steal. foul called. goes against clarence trent.
4:47 pm
we thought this would be a close game the way cal has been playing. coming off an impressive win at washington state, where they beat the cougars 93-88 in pullman. mike montgomery's team hit 11 of 20 three-pointers today, 5 for 19 because of that relentless defensive pressure by washington. it's really never been a game. >> marques: the cal bears have the oregon schools at home next week in pac-10 basketball. you talk about, you win those two, you're still in a great position if you're cal. you've got to be disappointed with the lack of effort in this ball game. >> steve: they've got ten seconds to get it to brendan sherrer. >> marques: out to the three-point line. >> steve: lorenzo saying, we're not going to do that. >> marques: going to go with max zhang. a great effort by the huskies in this game, great defense, balling up jerome randle, getting contributions from
4:48 pm
quincy pondexter like you would expect. a lot of guys like matthew bryan-amaning that you wouldn't expect. and isaiah many to asshowing he's a terrific on-ball defensive stopper. >> steve: first time in three years that washington beat both stanford and california at home in the same season. a huge game for pondexter and thomas. 45 points combined. that's it from seattle, where the final score is washington 84, cal 69. stay tuned for more pac-10 college basketball. as arizona battles oregon. then at 8:30 eastern, the women take the court as oregon state takes on arizona state. check your local listings. for marques johnson, ste phys so eve dy tink ng? ♪
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kfc grrwing nate grio se thef-a-aste who tring r aet o ♪
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three years in college, averaged 15 points and ten rebounds. >> bob: he was a dynamic performer, no doubt about that. his number up in the rafters. sir charles. and today on the auburn radio, his coach, smith doing the color commentary of the game. one of the more colorful characters in college basketball history. a very entertaining coach to be around. >> carter: in to patrick patterson. backing down on hargrove. missing. auburn. may have one last shot. don't get it off in time. a 13-point lead at the half for kentucky. auburn closes on the mini-run to cut it to 13. patrick patterson with 12 first half points along with five rebounds.
4:55 pm
12.5 rebounds for patterson. 13-point lead for kentucky at auburn, as we send you to whit with the cellular south halftime report. >> all right, carter. thanks very much. coming up in a moment, a classic in knoxville earlier today. ole miss and tennessee. 40 minutes insufficient to settle the issue. we will show you that one in a moment.
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this halftime report is brought to you by -- >> whit: new tennessee football coach derek dooley introduced today in a top 25 basketball match-up at the rupp arein thompson-bowling arena. deaundre cranston ties the game at 59 with under a minute
4:58 pm
to go. after ole miss ste steal, ball d chance to win. the game-winner is short. we go to overtime in knoxville. in o.t., square at 61. josh bone all alone. the vols up three. 90 seconds to play. next possession, terrico white. the three. and the foul. he had 17 in the game. ole miss up by one. next possession for the vols. wayne chism, what a game he had. the basket no good. two free-throws coming. made the first. here is the second. 10 for 10 at the stripe. 26 points. volunteers by one. same score. warren again. blocked by j.p. prince. tennessee gets the loose ball. to hit their free-throws. 71-69, ten straight home victories for tennessee over ole miss. whit watson back inside the studio alongside charles davis. this was a great game to watch. tennessee's defense against the ole miss to fee. strengthin sgtnt
4:59 pm
toing. >> charles: yeah. it took a while for tennessee defense to take effect. when you look at the stats coming in the game, tennessee usually get nine steals and they got ten today. the turnover margin, usually around plus six. they're plus seven today. but wayne chism, the last five game he is has been a monster for tennessee, averaging 16 points for ballgame, over eight rebounds per game. today, 26 points, 12 rebounds. he's done a lot of damage for the vols. >> whit: topic of wayne chism. havoline brings us the road to nashville, site of the 2010 sec tournament. look at what chism did. 26 for tennessee. the other four starters dom bine with 9 on the day -- combine with 29 on the day and ten of ten on the stripe. down the stretch. they're still short-handed. a couple of players reinstated but not until tuesday. the guys have to perform. chism did. >> he did and the versatility of wayne chism to go to the free-throw stripe. big guy, knocking down ten for ten. that's guard territory.

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